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Skin 18 Todak Todak Pack

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Hope you are great . It is really fun for me to use all these pretty products by Skin18

Skin18 contain the skin care natural ingredients in their products to give as all a charming and lovely skin. Skin 18 has got a variety of products according to your need. You can visit their website at .

This time I am using Skin 18 Todak Todak Pack . Todak Todak Pack is a series of wash-off packs that provide a variety of skincare concerns including Nutrition, Pore, Elasticity , & Moisture. 

Todak Todak (GREEN) pack is a clay pack that contains egg whites, which are effective for removing oils and controlling sebum. It is also formulated with apples to help tighten pores and make the skin smooth and fresh

Todak Todak Pack provides nutrition and soothing effect while applied on skin and controls the sebum secretions

 Todak Todak pack is disposable and of mini size. If oil troubles with your skin, This pack is very convenient that you can take it anywhere with you.

Todak Todak pack totally clear and clean your skin by controlling sebum secretion. 
Individual package is of one time use.

Why choose Skin 18 Todak Todak Pack ?

This product by Skin18 contain a lot of merits however I found the following features more promising :

Ease the trouble for oily skin.

Absorption of sebum.

Smooth and fair texture.

Easy to remove.

No allergy or side effects to sensitive skin.

Package is mini and portable as you can take it anywhere you want.

Note :

For external use only.
Avoid contact with eyes.

After using Skin 18 Todak Todak Pack , I feel an ease from oil and that clear my skin from extra sebum. I found a little moisture as my skin type is very oily.

This product also nourishes My skin. How ever I rate this product by Skin18 as 8/10.

Available at (us$2.85/pack)

Size : 10 ml 

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